BBC Two Winter - Wave ident (2000)

Concept and creative process

‘Wave' was one of the six BBC Two channel idents designed for the Winter campaign 2000 which also included ‘Excalibur’, ‘Catalyst’, ‘Woodpecker’, ‘Predator’ and ‘Daleks’. These were the first series of idents to be shot 16 x 9 and were released on January 1st 2000 for the new millennium. 'Wave' was shot using a specially constructed tank to which the camera rig was locked. The rotation of the tank and camera together allowed for the motion of the waves to be captured whilst retaining a level horizon line. The effect was achieved by combining liquids that don’t mix and was shot at 100 frames per seconds, all in-camera. A darker moonlit version was also created for late night use.

Lighting Cameraman - Stephen MacMillan.

Inferno Artist - Johnny Hicks at Glassworks.

Model Makers - Asylum.

Music - Tony & Gaynor Sadler.

Producer - Janice Beale.

Designers/Directors - Mark Chaudoir and Tim Platt.

The campaign was the winner of a Design & Art Direction Wood Pencil for Television Graphics/Brand Identity 2000.