BBC Two Winter - Daleks ident (2000)

Concept and creative process

‘Daleks' was a one-off ident produced to celebrate a new series of 'Doctor Who' on BBC2 in 2000. The Dalek was built as a 50cm high remote-controlled model and shot in a bespoke set with a locked-off camera. A number of takes were filmed and then seamlessly composited together in post-production to create the illusion of multiple Daleks. The model was auctioned for the BBC's annual fundraiser 'Children In Need'.

Lighting Cameraman - Stephen MacMillan.

Inferno Artist - Johnny Hicks.

Model Makers - Complete Fabrication.

Music - Tony and Gaynor Sadler.

Producer - Janice Beale.

Designers/Directors - Mark Chaudoir and Tim Platt.