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Adila Nasrin

Course: BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Design

Year of Graduation: 2019

I’d always had a design background but nothing quite incorporated all of my design skills in one place. I studied Design and Technology at GCSE and Graphic Design at A Level so when  I came to Ravensbourne’s Open Day I decided to sit in on course talks for both Graphic Design and Advertising and Brand Design. I was immediately set on doing Advertising due to the course’s diverse nature. The course incorporates and revolves around brand communication, social media content, strategy and interactive and advertising. However it isn’t limited to one route. Students can be illustrators, video makers, copywriters and art directors. 

One of the benefits of studying at Ravensbourne and especially my course was its link to companies and to producing work for real briefs. Being introduced to industry while I was a student opened my network as a creative as well as helping me grow as a person. The course also increased my confidence in my work and my presentation skills. We were taught in an organised way; for every project, we would produce a presentation and pitch our ideas, not only to our tutors but also to clients. I was surprised at how much my presentation skills had progressed when I was asked by my tutor, Derek Yates, to give a presentation on how to pitch to visiting student apprentices.

The creative environment and the openness of Ravensbourne appealed to me. There was the ability to collaborate between courses and to use our creativity to its utmost capacity. In my second year, I produced the branding for the 2018 degree show, which I was chosen to do after winning an initial pitch. This really built my portfolio as not many students can say they have branded such a large-scale exhibition. It also allowed me to meet students from other courses like Product Design and TV who were also working on the show. 

On the day of my own degree show, where I got to display my own work, I received amazing news that I had been nominated by Ravensbourne staff for the Global Grad Show in Dubai. Alongside this we also showcased our work at D&AD where I was put forward by my tutor for one of their programmes, called ‘D&AD Pitch Off”. This is where a student has to pitch their best idea in a minute to a panel of industry people: I came second!

I started working at Apple Europe Headquarters as a Creative Intern a couple of months before graduating. My job has given me various opportunities; as an intern I get to work on in-house design and real-life projects alongside the Creative Team. One of my greatest achievements during my time here was assisting with the design and curation of the “Unsigned Stories” exhibition and catalogue. The exhibition showcased a series of ‘animations, films and identity systems’ promoting unsigned recording artists, which was produced by Ravensbourne’s third year Advertising and Brand Design students. 

Choose a course that you find interesting and are passionate about, that will help you grow as a person. Also, prepare beforehand as you can never be too early, only well prepared. And finally, trust your ideas; a lot of the time I would not have faith in my projects because of other factors, but to have a good outcome, you have to believe in your idea.

Amazing things happen here