Course overview

  • Starts: May 2024 / Sept 2024
  • Duration: FT 1 year
  • Mode: Full-time
  • Fees: UK: FT £9,250 / INT: FT £18,000

Ideal for: graduates and professionals with a background in computing or related fields wishing to update their skills and professional network by studying cutting-edge areas within computer science.

This MSc Computer Science programme offers modules in the likes of artificial intelligence, cyber security, cloud computing, Internet of Things and leading-edge ‘web 3’ technologies, such as blockchain. In tackling these fields, the curriculum takes a systems architecture approach, encouraging students to work both within and across these technologies.

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Why study this master's in computer science ?

  1. Develop highly desirable skills in computer science
  2. Gain masters level skills in systems architecture, artificial intelligence and cyber security
  3. Build highly desirable skills in cloud computing and the Internet of Things
  4. Learn about cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the next iteration of the web
  5. Develop your skills in innovation and knowledge of social responsibility
  6. Gain business and entrepreneurial skills that will enhance your employability
  7. Experience a learning-by-doing approach to computer science education
  8. Improve your future employment prospects
  9. Enhance your professional network by meeting people with similar interests and different skill-sets
  10. Be part of a tech-literate, creative community

Where design and digital media meet

Ravensbourne has an established international reputation for innovation at the intersection of design and digital media. Our suite of MSc programmes, of which MSc Computer Science is an integral part, seeks to capitalise on and consolidate these past successes.

It aims to expand on Ravensbourne’s activities from its current position as an innovative user of technologies to a leading-edge creator of technologies.

The course invites prospective postgraduate students to be part of that journey, empowering them to draw on and learn from this rich history of innovative design thinking and apply this to the creation of new technologies.

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Key study topics

  • Systems architecture
  • Artificial intelligence foundations
  • Cyber security
  • Innovation and responsibility
  • Cloud computing
  • Business development
  • Web3
  • Internet of Things
  • Dissertation project

The specifics