Ravensbourne University London

Digital portfolio requirements for applications to MArch

To be uploaded with application – a carefully designed digital ‘A3’ landscape portfolio - reduced size multi-page pdf single document format with:

  • Cover: with the candidate’s name and qualification(s)
  • Paginated contents page
  • Copies of first degree certificate(s) and transcripts from all years showing qualification(s) and assessment results
  • Copies of two academic and/or professional letters of reference
  • Illustrated Curriculum Vitae (one A3 landscape page)
  • Personal Statement (500 word max illustrated describing candidate’s architectural ambitions, what kind of office/architectural activity they would like to eventually undertake, what kind of buildings they would like to design, their favourite architects and/or buildings past and present and what they like about them) (one A3 landscape page)
  • Final Year Project(s)(show same information for each project if more than one), showing:
     - Introduction and brief - give the name and number of the module/unit, the title of the project, the location of the site and describe or show a copy of the brief. Add some further explanations of what it was about if wished. Include an image of the finished design (one page only).
     - Site location map, site analysis and context (one page only).
     - Precedent studies/design research (one page only).
     - Conceptual/feasibility studies - developmental drawings and models (one page only).
     - Final proposed plans - the ground floor must be in context, site plans should also be included (one or two or three pages).
     - Final proposed sections and elevations - drawings must include context (one or two pages).
     - Detailed design - if the project included constructional/ structural/ environmental studies please include a summary (one page only).
     - 3D drawings/perspectives - hand drawn or digital models or a combination of both. If more than image is included, ensure the primary image is larger (one page only).
     - Photographs of model work - we are interested in real physical models, not just digital ones. If more than image is included, ensure the primary image is larger (one page only).
  • Office and/or independent competition experience:
     - show typical examples of projects worked on and include a commentary explaining the extent of involvement. Show a small selection of the work produced (one or two pages).
  • Skills:
     - Include examples of other relevant skills (not necessarily architectural) (one or two pages)
  • Dissertation:
     - Reproduce dissertation with two sides on each A3 landscape page (as many pages as needed)

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