Students create AI installation for MozFest 2019

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Second year BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Design students Aaliyah Grant and Georgia Armstrong have designed an installation to teach young people about artificial intelligence (AI) for Mozilla — the not-for-profit organisation behind the Firefox browser and MozFest.

The organisation challenged students at Ravensbourne to create ways to bring more social responsibility, ethics and user agency to artificial intelligence (AI), which makes up the core theme of this year’s MozFest. Held at Ravensbourne’s award-winning campus on the Greenwich Peninsula, the annual festival unites educators, activists, technologists, researchers, artists and young people dedicated to creating a better, healthier internet. Attendees can expect to discover new tech, wild ideas and inspiring stories in over 300 interactive sessions.

Aaliyah and Georgia impressed the team at Mozilla with their AI-themed reimagining of the Jenga game, named {i}MPACT.

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Aaliyah and Georgia's installation for MozFest.

The installation aims to simplify the concept of AI, and add interesting facts to an existing game. Their version& features the tumbling blocks each inscribed with either 'art{i}facts' (short facts about AI) or 'int{e}racts' (prompts that encourage players to use AI to complete a challenge).

Commenting, Aaliyah explained, "We focused on creating something that built rapport but also had the capacity to allow for debate and conversation. When you have a lot going on at university at the same time, it's easy to doubt your ideas. This project made us realise that some of your best creative ideas come from being under immense pressure.”

See their installation in action at MozFest 2019, which takes place from 25-27 October. You can find out more about MozFest here