A Ravensbourne proposal

Kirk proposes to Amy
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Whilst bathed in glorious winter sun, Kirk Fletcher proposed to his long-term girlfriend, Amyleigh Thorne at the Barbican’s Garden terrace. The lifechanging moment was made all the more special as Kirk and Amy had just graduated from Ravensbourne!

Due to the pandemic, the class of 2020’s graduation ceremony was delayed by a year, but the momentous day was well worth the wait. Having studied BA (Hons) Digital Film Production together, Amy and Kirk’s love story is a testament to the wonderful connections made at Ravensbourne.

We caught up with the newly-engaged couple to find out more…

Kirk proposes to Amy

How did you meet?
Amy: We met at college and we both studied VFX & Animation. I became instantly distracted when Kirk joined my course three weeks later. Kirk was in another group but requested to change as he wanted more of a challenge. A couple months later, we were obsessed with each other.

What are your best memories from studying at Ravensbourne?
The memory we’ll forever hold close to our heart would be the people. We had never witnessed so much talent in one room. Everyone pushed each other to do their best. We could brainstorm in the Library for hours and collaborate with talented people.

Kirk – When did you know you were ready to propose?
Ever since we completed college & enrolled into Ravensbourne in 2017, I knew I wanted to be with Amy for the rest of my life. I knew as soon as we graduated from university I would want to make her my wife.

A close-up of Amy's engagement ring

Amy – did you have any inkling that you were about to get engaged?
I had an Inkling he was going to propose in 2022 as we spoke about it a couple of years ago. I had no idea he would pull off something so big. He was so brave for doing that and I’ve never felt more loved and emotional in my life.

What would your dream wedding be like?
We want a quiet countryside wedding, to be surrounded by family, friends and nature. Once we say 'I do', we want to have the greatest reception/party to celebrate.

Do you have any plans to show off your creative skills on the big day or know alumni that can help out?
Kirk: We want the wedding to be filmed like the Oscar’s red carpet in the early 90’s. This is how we plan to show our children the wedding. Hopefully our close friend Josh, who went through college and Ravensbourne with us, will help with this. Josh gave me the confidence to approach Amy. Who knew that she would end up being my Wife!

We wish Amy and Kirk all the very best for the future and can’t wait to see their wedding photos!