Alumni stories Chris Chuky and Tony Longe

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Since graduating from the BA (Hons) Digital Film Production course in 2016, Chris Chuky and Tony Longe have enjoyed phenomenal success in their respective fields.

Both friends began their creative journeys studying on the Foundation course in Media Production course at Ravensbourne. With relentless energy and drive, it was evident from their very first day at university that they were destined for great things.


Chris Chuky

Chris is an award-winning director, writer and actor who has produced numerous internationally recognised narrative-based music videos. He has been awarded multiple awards and accolades for his work, including appearing in Guap Magazine and Adidas’ 30 Under 30, which celebrates Black talent across multiple industries.

As part of the nomination, Chris’ face appeared on the largest advertising display in Europe, The Piccadilly Lights billboard in Piccadilly Circus.

He is now accepted as a BAFTA Connect member in recognition of his considerable contribution to the film industry.




Tony Longe

Tony Longe is a freelance creative producer specialising in film and promos. Tony has built a name for himself as being a versatile creative, delivering impactful projects across various mediums.

In 2022, he produced the short film ‘Precious Hair and Beauty’ which was directed by John Ogunmuyiwa and selected for the BFI London Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival and nominated for Best Short Film at both festivals as well as the BIFAs (The British Independent Film Awards).



Chris and Tony host Summer School

This summer, Chris and Tony ran a Film Summer School at Ravensbourne for aspiring creatives aged 14+. 

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As part of the summer school activities, participants collaborated in groups of 6-8 to adapt a Shakespeare play of their choice for screen.

Under the expert guidance of Chris and Tony, a few of the groups made trailers, some shot a shortened version of the main plot and others focused on just one scene. All the equipment used was supplied by Ravensbourne’s Kit Store.

On the final day, the teams shared their final edited films and posters, and Chris and Tony marked them on skills such as cinematography, storytelling, narrative, direction, sound and poster design.

The two winning teams produced adaptations of Hamlet and Macbeth and won a day on set with Chris and Tony.

The Film Summer School was one of a series of Summer Schools organised annually by the Schools and Outreach team, to get young people involved in exciting creative projects.