Presenting Ravensbourne's 2020 Degree Show. In recognition of a year like no other, this exciting virtual experience is an opportunity to showcase the work of our graduating students from across our creative courses, and mark the end of their time at Ravensbourne

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The Degree Show is an annual event celebrating the work of our graduating students, offering industry professionals and members of the public the opportunity to view and interact with their projects.

This year, we have transformed our show into an exciting virtual experience highlighting our students' best work, collaborative live projects and awards. 

This online platform gives students a place to mark the end of their time at Ravensbourne and celebrate achievements in the face of a year like no other. 

Highlights from the show

Our degree shows are attended by a variety of influential industry professionals on the lookout for emerging talent. Here is a preview of just a few of the great student projects that will be displayed in this year's show

The Coronet Cinema Hotel - Yulia Bykova

The Coronet Cinema Hotel - Yulia Bykova

BA (Hons) Interior Design Environment Architectures 


The Coronet Cinema Hotel 

Personal Bio: I believe that creativity and inspiration originate from the mixture of polar thoughts and ideas.

Design as a tool of communication plays a crucial part in delivering these artistic concepts to the rest of the world.

As a designer I am constantly feeling an urge to be delivering a profound message to an audience through creation of unique spaces and objects in response to its contemporary needs.

I have the technical capability and courage to make an innovative and sensitive contribution to the world of your practice, due to my endless curiosity, energy and awareness of the global value of design.


Euponius - Cloe Knights

Euponius - Cloe Knights

BA (Hons) Graphic Design 

Personal Bio: Cloe Knights is a hard-working individual with a strong passion for ethical packaging design and an excitement for creating design work off-pack - telling a brand story within environments and consumer experiences.

Her work often celebrates colour and vibrance through design style, illustrations and typography. 

Cloe's previous internship experience includes working at Coley Porter Bell, working within a small team on the rebranding project for a juice company, Flawsome!

Which has now gone on to win multiple design awards, including a gold DBA. Other experience includes working freelance, creating music cover designs for a recognised drum and bass artist. 


React by Sabrina Bisi

React - Sabrina Bisi

BA (Hons) Advertising & Brand Design 


Personal Bio: 

I am a curious creative with a raw passion for design, illustration, branding and campaign creation.

The interest in people's stories and culture leads me to a sense of social and ecological responsibility that influences my creative work. I believe that design can push boundaries, influence people and create change.

Helmut's Muse - Arun Ratnaraj

Helmut's Muse - Arun Ratnaraj

BA (Hons) Fashion 

I am a graduate of the fashion design BA at Ravensbourne University London. During my three years on the BA course, I have developed a key aesthetic that is inspired by the female form and the beauty of the natural silhouette.

During my final collection I pushed these elements alongside the inspirational imagery of Helmut Newton’s photography to create a lineup that showcased female sexuality in a glamorous and contemporary way.

As a very passionate illustrator I also strive to express the themes within my work throughout my illustrations which was also a significant aspect of creating my final collection. I am excited to see the industry adapt to the changing climates in all aspects and see how I as a designer can continue growing.


Limit of the Land - David Watson

Limit of the Land - David Watson

BA (Hons) Editing & Post Production


Personal Bio: David Watson is an aspiring Colourist. He became fascinated by the video production at the young age of 7 when he began creating stop-motion animations using toys in his room.

Since those childhood days David has become specialised in Post Production and has freelanced on many projects for various companies. This has included anything from Wedding Compilations to GoPro advertising campaigns as well as creating his own videos which have been recognised on a global scale with one of them going viral and reaching over 30 million views.

He began studying at Ravensbourne University in 2017 and in his second year started working as a runner at Envy Post Production. As David progressed, he became more and more fascinated with Colour Grading.

His keen interest in psychology has helped inform many of his colour grades, with his recent dissertation on the subconscious impact of colour on visual narratives. In Summer 2020, he joined Ignition Creative as a Junior Assistant Finishing Editor.


Sports photography - Benjamin Peters

Sports photography - Benjamin Peters

BA (Hons) Digital Photography

Project: Every Saturday We Follow

Personal Bio: Benjamin is a documentary photographer who specialises in sports and portrait photography. He has been shooting at Charlton Athletic for the last four years and this led to him shooting his Final Major Project about the fans of Charlton Athletic in his Every Saturday We Follow project where he documents the highs and lows of the fanbase.

During his time on the degree, he has found a passion for portraiture and has since tried to incorporate it into his documentary photography work. When not shooting sports, Ben can be found creating portraiture in the studio.


Laurel Tree - Scarlett Spinks

Laurel Tree - Scarlett Spinks

BA (Hons) Digital Film Production

Personal Bio: Scarlet is an enthusiastic and expressive creative director, specialising in music videos as a result of her childhood around music. Her work is ultimately motivated by people and their relationships with music and movement.

Through a cultivated passionate interest in music, specifically alternative folk and ‘emotional dance music’, she seeks to explore the role of lyricism in the artist’s identity and one’s expression through movement. She is currently in the pre-production stages of music videos and advocates for creating space for woman in film.

In the future she hopes to explore the cultural impact of queer identity on younger generations and the importance of representation and education on queer mental health. 

She has been involved in production for companies such as Partizan and the CBBC, running for launch events for Stink Films and ballets at Royal Albert Hall.