Ravensbourne students present at Digital Fashion Week NY

Student Rozanne Da Costa
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We are thrilled to announce that two of our BA (Hons) Fashion students have been selected to take part in Digital Fashion Week New York. Ivan Svanberg and Rozanne Da Costa were both chosen for their striking, innovative designs and will present a video celebrating their digital work. Here Rozanne explains her experiences in her own words.

Throughout my schooling, I always enjoyed physics and geometry. However, when I chose to expand into fashion design over my Architecture studies, everyone questioned my choice and considered it ‘spontaneous’ and ‘thoughtless’.

Student Rozanne Da Costa

I am delighted to be participating at Digital Fashion Week New York, to present my final collection, which is made on the basis of 3D-printed levitation mechanisms and section plans. Participating in this show means a lot to me. I now have the proof that sacrificing the ‘safety’ of my architecture studies to dive deep into the unknown of fashion design was the right decision for me. Sectors don’t have to fit in narrow boxes and can be infinitely explored in fashion design.

In my second year of BA (Hons) Fashion at Ravensbourne, I was contacted by Iris Van Herpen and Maison Margiela for an internship opportunity. I spent a few months in Amsterdam working on Iris’ dresses, where I was trained in cutting edge techniques. I spent days, nights and weekends working on the ‘Red Cape’ of Iris’ ‘Hypnosis’ collection. At Paris fashion week, I have been honoured to be involved in castings with models like Winnie Harlow, fittings with Celine Dion and Miss Fame, and photoshoots for Vogue magazine with Natalia Vodianova. I then returned to London and moved on to another internship at Chalayan Studio where I had the chance to work directly with Hussein in his design studio. I have done the design research for his last collection ‘Dreamtracks’ where I looked into aboriginal song lines expressed through dreams and paintings with a variety of symbols and spiritual meanings. I designed and painted similar lines with blocks, fine lines or layered lines. Then, I modelled them on photoshop and created all the prints of the womenswear and menswear collections on the theme of repetitions. 

Rozanne Da Costa Digital Design

I had a major breakthrough whilst in quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic. As an antidote to the world that was falling apart around me, I wrote a satirical guide titled ‘How to make a successful regeneration’. To develop my satire design-wise, I have used digital design. It has really allowed me to always think one step ahead. I kept asking myself questions like: How could I combine the technicality of the under-structure that holds heavy magnets with a light chrysalis shape? Or how would the transparency of the laser cut fabric affect the under 3D printed mechanisms and the cells print so we still see them through? I developed each little detail of my design on Clo3D and Rhinos 3D to reflect the volume of the shape in the most realistic way. To push my reflection even further, I imagined this virtual show so I could rebalance my resources and amplify the existing movement. This simulation Brad Clark and I collaborated on, acts as if I had a team of physicians working with me on electromagnetic circuits.

Rozanne Da Costa Digital Design

Digital Fashion Week New York gave my virtual show a purpose, and thanks to this opportunity I am able to communicate my design approach, transcending the timeless beauty of the female form in motion. The biggest lesson I learnt at Ravensbourne is that as students our job is not to create the perfect outfit, but a garment that has potential and can be taken forward in the future. Thanks to my course and all these innovative experiments I did, I may have finally understood where I belong among all design paths. And now, I aim to contribute to fashion’s renewal, by patiently acting from the other side of the mirror for women’s constant revival.

Rozanne Da Costa Digital Design

Digital Fashion Week New York takes place from Wednesday 28 April, with student fashion shows taking place on Thursday 29 April 2021. You can find out more on the official website.

You can check out Rozanne’s work on her website and Instagram account: @r.dacostaa
Check out Ivan’s work on his Instagram account: @iv.em.sv

You can also view the student work on the official Digital Fashion Week NY instagram account. 

Ravensbourne have launched a brand new Digital Technology for Fashion Pathway (Year 2 entry). The course begins in September 2021.