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The Rave About It blog is written by second year BA (Hons) Digital Film Production student, Jenny Simpson. Jenny works one day a week as an intern within our Outreach team. This blog is a little insight into her views and experiences working with young people interested in the creative industries.*

*Source: The opinions in this blog represent those of the writer and not of Ravensbourne University London


Hello everyone!

This week, I’m writing about an amazing organisation, as well as an exciting opportunity I’m getting to work with them- this is ‘Accumulate- The Art School for The Homeless!’

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Accumulate is a charity founded by Marice Cumber, who got the organisation started through a jam making project: ‘Preserves with a Purpose’. Now, after their establishment in 2014, Accumulate independently fundraises to provide creative workshops around London- including filmmaking and media, design, illustration, fashion and so much more. The charity is there as a resource for 16+ year olds- however, it emphasises on providing support for 18–24-year-olds who have been affected by homelessness in the UK.

Previously, Accumulate have worked closely with Ravensbourne- including the opportunity for some students to receive a fully funded scholarship to study here with us on our Access to Higher Education course in art and design. Our most recent collaboration was a filmmaking and editing workshop ran by our amazing sessional staff and ambassadors. Participants in the workshop grouped together with the task of filming and editing content from a brief. Through working together, they produced some wonderful short films. Scroll down to watch them!

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Ravensbourne and Accumulate are now teaming up again to start a film club!

Starting 4 November, I’ll be assisting in facilitating a film club for Accumulate- it’ll be a great opportunity to share some amazing films and have a chat about them. The film club will be running fortnightly from November until February and I’m very excited to work alongside Marice and her volunteers for this club.

The themed club sessions will be seasonal, and will explore different forms of media such as live action and animation. As well as this, we’ll be exploring different genres, and having discussions about the importance of character, setting, and themes present within the films.

To read all about Accumulate, including their objectives, events, and detailed blog, please check out their website! I’d urge you to look through the site, especially at how you can support or donate through purchasing some of the student’s artwork! 

Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to update you all after the film club begins!

Jenny x

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