First-year Fashion Promotion student interns with GQ Middle East

DJ Peggy Gou poses in snake print outfit

Article by: David Millett

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BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion student Malaika Munshi may only be in the first year of her degree, but an internship with GQ Middle East has seen her already work with some of the biggest brands in the business.

Here, she tells us about her experiences working on editorials and cover shoots for the magazine, meeting international talent, working with some of the top stylists and photographers in the Middle East – and how she took the initiative to secure her own photoshoots behind the scenes.

Malaika has previously exhibited work at the prestigious Global Graduate Showcase in Dubai. To see more examples of her amazing work and photography, follow her on Instagram @malaikamunshi.

Malaika Munshi

What made you become interested in studying Fashion Promotion?

I was completely unsure of what I wanted to study at uni, which is why I did the foundation year at Ravensbourne. That course helped me realize that I have a wide range of visual creative skills and fashion promotion was the best course for me, as it was so broad.

What kind of projects have you been able to work on in your internship at GQ Middle East?

I have been able to work on fashion editorials for brands like Lacoste and Bottega Veneta, which is so much fun. However, the most exciting days for me are getting to work on cover shoots.

I have worked on a Huda Beauty cover shoot as a fashion assistant and on a cover shoot of [the DJ] Peggy Gou as a production assistant. Being able to work in different departments has also given me a broader understanding of how a large publication like GQ works.

What has been the best moment so far?

So, I am a film photographer, it’s one of my strongest creative mediums. I always make sure to bring my camera to shoots with me and GQ kindly allow me to shoot behind the scenes. The highlight for me was Peggy Gou posting my photography and crediting me on her Instagram!

DJ Peggy Gou stands before a transparent curtain

Peggy Gou by Malaika Munshi

DJ Peggy Gou poses in snake print outfit

Peggy Gou by Malaika Munshi

Male model poses against white background

Malaika Munshi GQ

Artistic behind the scenes photo from GQ photoshoot

Malaika Munshi GQ

How has your course at Ravensbourne helped you towards your future career goals?

My course at Ravensbourne has given me a lot of theoretical knowledge which I have been able to apply to real life situations. The one thing I learnt about the fashion industry is that in order to get places you just have to physically go and “do”. 

What advice would you give to students who would like to study Fashion Promotion at Ravensbourne?

I was always told “the fashion industry is brutal”, and to be quite honest: yes, it is.

However, you have to believe in yourself as a creative. Whatever it is you’re good at, be proud of it. The expression “fake it till you make it” is VERY real and it definitely works. If you are a visual artist, have any interest in a creative career, possibly in fashion, but have no idea what you want to study, fashion promotion is a great course to choose.

When I get asked “what career could you even have from that degree?”, I never have a straight answer, because there’re so many possibilities. You will never feel like you have to stick to one thing. The fashion industry is also transitional, in the sense that there’s always opportunities to try out different things.