Celebrating Ravensbourne's Covid Heroes

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Ravensbourne's Covid Heroes is a collection of messages, shared experiences and stories that will inspire pride in our community.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused endless amounts of uncertainty and upheaval to our lives. But throughout this extremely challenging time, Ravensbourne staff have been working tirelessly to keep things running.

We’re so proud to say that the Ravensbourne community has rallied together to support one another and we would like to say a massive thank you - we really couldn’t have done it without you!

Message from Andy Cook

Ravensbourne's Covid Heroes

What our community has been doing:

  • We’ve supplied personal protective equipment (PPE) to the NHS.
  • During lockdown, essential staff stayed on campus to support students in accommodation. 
  • Essential building staff have transformed our building for socially distanced learning and continue to keep us safe while we are on campus. 
  • Our academic staff have shown patience and resilience as we have switched to our hybrid learning model. They continue to offer students an exceptional level of teaching.
  • With social distancing affecting many face-to-face services, our Student Services have moved online and continue to offer invaluable help and guidance to students during this time. 
  • Our facilities and library services have remained available, with staff working tirelessly to ensure equipment is safe to use. 

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A note from our wonderful Front Desk team, Kazeem Sanni and Emma Millward. Thank you for keeping us safe in the building!

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