Michael Horsham and Simon Taylor

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The Institute’s GradSchool academics discuss creativity and innovation with leading edge thinkers and practitioners.

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With the guiding principles of Ravensbourne’s new MA Design Communications and Technology providing a framework for the discussion, Michael Horsham and Simon Taylor of the award-winning art and design collective Tomato discuss the design process.

Focussing on ideas of craft, skill, inspiration and the importance of fun, the conversation invites design students to think of themselves as practitioners and, ultimately, to make the best work they can.

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Michael Horsham

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Michael Horsham began working with Tomato in 1994 after training as a design and cultural historian. He has written extensively on architecture and design for a number of publications including The Guardian, The Independent and the Financial Times, as well as working with the BBC. With a multi-disciplinary approach, image making and music making are key to Michael’s practice, and he is also a design educator.


Simon Taylor 

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Simon Taylor is a founding member of Tomato, which was formed in 1991 and has since worked on projects that integrate print, digital, film and TV, music, public space, products, publishing and education. Alongside working with commercial clients, Simon develops projects for the cultural sector and has exhibited work in Japan, Korea, Germany, Spain and the USA. Simon is currently UK Creative Director for K+C Creative Japan and Tomato Studios UK.