Lecturer launches denim capsule collection

A man wears jeans from the Clown Hiut Denim collection
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Article by: David Millett

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Our BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion lecturer Sunil Pawar has collaborated with Hiut Denim to design a capsule range of environmentally-friendly jeans as part of the skateboarding brand CLOWN’s comeback.

A man wears jeans from the Clown Hiut Denim collection

Sunil is a London-based artist and art director who works across many mediums. In 2020 he was made creative director of iconic British skateboarding brand CLOWN. The capsule collection forms the beginnings of a new era for the company after it took a 15-year “power nap” at the height of its 00s fame.

Established in the year 2000, CLOWN launched with a bang by releasing a series of skateboard decks designed by the street artist Banksy. After a whirlwind five years, the brand took a hiatus before its long-awaited comeback in August 2020. Its latest jeans capsule range consists of two pairs of men’s jeans, one pair of women’s and two tees.

The denim is sourced from the legendary Candiani Mills in Italy and makes use of Kitotex, a polymer that replaces conventional chemicals to significantly reduce the amount of water and energy used during production.

A woman wears jeans from the Clown Hiut Denim collection

The jeans are 28% natural hemp and the double patches are 100% vegan. They are the product of a collaboration with The Hiut Denim Company, which operates from the small town of Cardigan in Wales. The Hiut Denim Company was thrust into the global spotlight in 2018, when Meghan, Duchess of Sussex wore a pair of their jeans.

Sunil said: “I wanted to create a range that respectfully unites the talents of Hiut’s Grandmasters, their future facing approach to denim manufacture, alongside CLOWN’s distinctive graphic style and sometimes downright cheeky approach to design.”

View the complete collection online.