International postgraduate tuition fees

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International students 2023/24
MA/MSc                                           £17,500
MBA                                                 £19,000
International students 2024/25
MA/MSc                                            £18,000
MBA                                                  £19,500


Students with an undergraduate qualification achieved at Ravensbourne will receive a fee discount of 20%. This covers graduates for up to 5 years.

International students requiring a CAS letter to obtain a visa to study in the UK are required to pay a deposit of 60% of the tuition fee to secure a place. The balance is payable on or before enrolment.

Paying your tuition fees

The easiest method of international fee payment is through Convera, or through the TransferMate service operated by EduStep. 

By using the TransferMate service you are able to pay at your local bank in your home currency and will be offered a competitive exchange rate without extra bank transfer charges.

All payments can be tracked 24 hours a day online so you will not need to confirm with Ravensbourne if the payment has been received.

But, if you do have any questions about the TransferMate service or your payment please  contact the TransferMate Customer Care Team at [email protected]

How to make a payment:

  1. Click this link to start your payment and complete the TransferMate registration. You will need to scan and email copies of your passport and Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter, that includes your home address to [email protected]
  2. Enter the amount you wish to pay
  3. You will then receive the current exchange rate, if satisfied, confirm you wish to pay
  4. You will then receive on screen payment instructions
  5. Follow the payment instructions to make a transfer from your local account to your TransferMate account in your country and currency (online banking, telephone banking or at branch options available)
  6. Payment is then released from TransferMate UK account to Ravensbourne the same day (providing payment made before 2pm GMT), payments made after 2pm will be received the following day
  7. Payment Tracking and Receipts are available online through your TransferMate account 24 hours per day.

Click here to commence your payment

If you experience any difficulties in using this service and have not resolved the issue with EduStep then please contact our Finance team via email [email protected].

Refund procedures for Student Route visa applicants

These policy and procedures are related to approved refunds on deposits or tuition fees paid Student Route visa applicants** who do not complete enrolment. 

** persons who have been determined as Student Route visa applicants under the UKVI's Point Based System.

Eligibility for refunds

A Student Route visa applicant will be entitled to a refund of their tuition fee payment or deposit in the following circumstances:

  • In the event of a default by Ravensbourne
  • If Ravensbourne terminates a course after the course start date and before the course completion date
  • If Ravensbourne does not provide a course as advertised, due to circumstances beyond its control

In the event of a rejected student visa application, if you can provide evidence that the application is valid such as:

  • Proof that you have the finance and qualifications required and the documents provided are genuine as per the UKVI requirements.

This will need to be submitted at least 15 working days before the latest start date of the course.

The visa refusal letter from a diplomatic mission or visa office.

In the event of exceptional circumstances beyond your control such as:

  • Serious personal accident or injury of self or close family member
  • Death of close family member (e.g. partner/spouse, parent, primary carer, child)
  • Medical emergency or requirement of long term medical care for the applicant or close family member (e.g. partner/spouse, parent, primary carer, child)
  • Impact of natural disaster or civil disruption

An application for an exceptional circumstances refund for illness or bereavement must be supported by documentary evidence from an official source before a refund can be approved.

Decisions regarding exceptional circumstance refunds are at the discretion of the Director of the Finance Department.


Ravensbourne will not provide a refund of a deposit or full tuition fee payment if:

  • Your student route visa is rejected because you failed to score 30 points from CAS due to the submission of a falsified/forged document
  • Your student visa application is rejected by the Home Office/British High Commission overseas due to the submission of fraudulent educational documents, failure to meet the UKVI's entry requirements maintenance requirements, or lack of sufficient funds.
  • Your student visa application or further leave to remain is rejected due to working more than the 20 allowed hours during term time, poor attendance, failing to demonstrate necessary academic progress or providing the Ravensbourne with false information
  • Your student visa application is refused because you have previously breached their immigration conditions or committed some other criminal offence
  • Your student visa is granted but you are refused entry upon arrival in the United Kingdom 

The application process

Applications for a refund must be made in writing to the International Admissions Office for assessment from the Director of Finance.

If the basis of the refund claim is a Student visa refusal, the applicant must provide a copy of the refusal notice issued by the UK Border Agency and a copy of the details page of his/her passport.

To qualify for any refund, the applicant must provide irrevocable evidence that s/he is not in the UK (e.g. a copy of the passport page containing an exit stamp) and evidence that the CAS or Visa has been cancelled.

The completed application form has to be returned to Ravensbourne for a decision to be made on the request. 

Send as an attachment by email to [email protected] OR via post to:

International Admissions Office, Ravensbourne, 6 Penrose Way, London SE10 0EW, UK

Processing time

A decision will be made within four weeks provided that the refund application form has been completed correctly, and that all of the relevant information has been supplied.

Where further information is required in order for a final decision to be made, we will notify the applicant. Please note that this will delay the process further, and the initial four-week estimate will be extended.

If the tuition fee refund has been refused, this decision will not normally be reconsidered unless the applicant can provide additional information and documentary evidence to support their claim, other than that submitted in the initial request.

Agreed refunds

Where a refund is agreed payment will normally be made via direct credit transfer to the bank account from which the original payment was made.

If payment was made by credit card, then the refund would be made back to that credit card.

It is very unlikely that cheques or cash refunds will be issued. In line with UK money laundering laws payment will only be refunded to the person or body who paid the fee.

No interest is paid on a refund of tuition fee payments. A £50 administration fee will be deducted from the refund.


All decisions on tuition fee refunds are made on the basis of the information and evidence included in the application form. If an applicant wishes to appeal against the decision, they will need to complete a new application form and submit details and evidence that were not included in the original request.

Funding your studies

Studying in London is a fantastic experience, but it is important to have budgeted for your living costs before starting your course.

Living as a student in London costs about £9,000 per academic year in addition to the cost of your student fees.

Your budget includes everything from travel to the UK and getting around while you are here, to rent, entertainment, food, study resources, clothing and more.

The UK Council for International Student Affairs provides specialist information and advice for international students on how to manage their money when studying in the UK.

If you have student immigration permission to take employment, you can work up to 20 hours per week during term-time, providing you are not self-employed. However, you are strongly advised to make sure you can pay your tuition fees and living costs without relying on income from a part-time job in the UK, as there is no guarantee you will find work.

For up-to-date information on working in the UK, please visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs.

Budget management and financial support

Education charity Brightside has developed an online tool specifically designed to help students to budget cost while studying. Visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs budgeting section to get information on your likely outgoings while you are living in the UK.

Other financial support available for international students at Ravensbourne includes:

  • Access to Learning
  • Budgeting one-to-one advice sessions
  • Money Matters workshops

Scholarships and support

The British Council has a section on its website on scholarships for international postgraduate students.

Support available for international students at Ravensbourne includes:

  • Access to Learning
  • Emergency Bridging Loans
  • Budgeting one-to-one advice sessions
  • Money Matters workshops

Quick contacts

International admissions team

T: +44 (0) 20 3040 3667
E: [email protected]