Portfolio information and guidance

As all our interviews are conducted online we require submission of a digital portfolio. This is a sample of your work that we can look at online, which may include photos of your projects and not just work created digitally.

We generally recommend providing around 15–20 images of your work, or a showreel if you're applying for one of our film or production courses. Please read the specific portfolio requirements for your course. We understand that you may not have been able to produce as much practical work this year compared to previous years, so we are being flexible with some of the requirements listed here.

Your portfolio should be published on a single platform such as Tumblr, Blogspot, Flickr, Vimeo, Wixsite, YouTube, Soundcloud or your own website. The platform you choose may depend on the type of work you want to show.

You may also share your work directly through a link, such as a Google Drive link, but please make sure your work can be accessed by our academics and the right permissions have been granted. It should be accessible from a web browser without the need to enter a password.

At Ravensbourne we understand that access to your work may be difficult when schools are closed, so we understand that not everyone will be able to provide a complete portfolio at this time. We encourage you to show your research, development and examples of work in progress, so we can assess your thought processes and craft in the absence of a finished article. These will provide a valuable insight into your abilities and potential to succeed at Ravensbourne. Therefore, please don't hesitate to submit your portfolio even if it's not quite perfect at this stage.

We look forward to meeting you at interview and discussing your ambitions.  

Please note: If you are applying to study one of our further education courses, please consult our interview and portfolio guidance for further education students.   

Top tips

Our lecturers have tailored subject specific portfolio and interview information because we know you'll want to show us just how talented you are when you apply to study at Ravensbourne.

Please be aware that all interviews for September 2022 entry will be conducted online.

Specific course requirements

Not all our courses ask you for a portfolio or showreel (although most will). Click on the course below to find out more.

UCAS Workshops

We run a number of UCAS workshops to help prepare students for interview, including mock interview workshops, personal statement workshops and portfolio or showreel surgeries.

If you'd like to sign up to any of these sessions, please email [email protected].