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Clearing is the name of the process universities use to fill any available spaces on their courses. If somebody you know is planning to go through Clearing this year we have some spaces for them on our creative and digital courses.

It’s not what it used to be

Clearing is an exciting opportunity to get into a university and on a course that best suits them. It is a much more common route into higher education than it was in the past. 

Clearing used to be seen as a last resort but now it’s about taking control of your educational future. Last year, over 38,000 students secured their university place through Clearing. This figure is nearly 15% higher than in 2022. (source: UCAS). 

Clearing opens on Friday 5 July until 21 October 2024. All applications made to universities from this date until September will all go through Clearing. 

Clearing is a great option if your child has: 

  • Changed their mind about where or what they’d like to study 

  • not met the conditions of their offers 

  • not received any offers 

  • received better grades than predicted 

  • rejected all their offers 

  • applied after 30 June 

  • not applied through UCAS at all 

  • only just decided to go to university 

  • taken a year out/gap year and already has qualifications. 

How you can help?

So, they’ve made the first step and decided to progress through Clearing. 

The Clearing process can seem daunting but remember there is still lots of time to practically prepare.  It’s important to get organised ahead of results day. 

Check list:

  • Make a note of key dates: Thursday 15 August (A-level exam results released) 

  • Make a note of what they are interested in 

  • If they have changed their mind about their original interests we have foundation courses that can help them to explore different creative fields 

  • Read about what you can do right now on our Clearing page and to learn more about the process. 

  • Have a look around our website to learn about who we are and the courses on offer

  • Research other universities so you can compare offerings. Chat to our students to find out what it’s like here too.

Other things to think about...

It’s important to remember that Clearing can be stressful, it’s not all about the practical process. On top of an already stressful year, the thought of going through Clearing can be emotionally taxing. Having to go through a new process, and making a big life decision can all feel like a lot to handle.   

Going to university is not only about the course. Ask them about where they would like to live: halls or private accommodation or even at home? Would they prefer a small or large university? Do they need extra learning or disability support?  Will they need a bursary or scholarship? Compare your findings with other universities to get the place that suits them best.   

We’re here to help

We are on hand to talk through anything Clearing-related on 0203 040 3991. We understand you may want to talk to us but due to data protection regulations our friendly team must talk to the person going through Clearing directly. However if you have more general questions, our team will give you any advice you may need. They are very knowledgeable about the process and can steer them through this sometimes confusing time.   

Before they call us, make sure they have a pen and paper to hand and have thought of some questions to ask us. Make sure they also have their UCAS ID number and qualifications to hand, if they have them.


Good to know

The UCAS hub is the online system that shows how applications are progressing. On results day, your child will have time to add their new choice of university to their profile. 

Under the Consumer Rights Act (2015), applicants have the right to cancel their offer within 14 days.