Odd One Out (1982)

Concept and creative process

A quiz show based on the American version called ‘Knockout’. It aired from 16 April 1982 to 19 April 1985 and was hosted by Paul Daniels. Contestants had to spot one thing from a list of four items that was not related to the other three. Marc Ortman’s approach was to major on the key elements - show title and presenter Paul Daniels and do that with a modern feel for the traditional game show. He created the first titles and graphics package in 1982 and then updated it with a new logo, colour way and graphic style for a refresh in 1984. 
Stills of Paul Daniels were shot that could be used on a rostrum camera to create stepped action. The logo was animated using backlit Kodaliths and coloured gels with reveals and glows. All of the artwork was filmed on a rostrum camera on 35mm film. It was filmed as one sequence in-camera without subsequent editing, having broken down the cues from the soundtrack and created a dope sheet for the rostrum camera operator.

Music by BBC in-house composer Ronnie Hazelhurst. 
Stills shot in the BBC Photography Studio at Television Centre.
Filmed on a rostrum camera at Trevor Bond Associates, Holland Park, London.
Design and Artwork by Marc Ortmans.