The Movie Game (1994)

Concept and creative process

Titles for ‘The Movie Game’, a children's quiz series, based on films, cartoons and videos, presented by John Barrowman. The title sequence concept was an animated scenario in the form of a flick-book being leafed through at speed, creating the illusion of movement. The animation of the letters of the title led on to the hero of the sequence, a clapper board character in the guise of a movie director, who walked, cycled, flew on a magic carpet and finally arrived at the studio doors on a golf cart, as the doors opened. The animation was drawn on paper, scanned into a digital editor and composited over a drawn background of a movie theatre, whose curtains parted to create the setting for the animation sequence. The opening of the studio doors with a combined camera move enabled the live audience to be keyed into the final frames of the animation sequence in post-production.