Academic appeals

Guidance to note

The Ravensbourne academic appeals procedure is provided for appeals against the determination made by an officer, administrator, board, committee or panel of the University in relation to their status, progression or achievement as a student.

Stage 1 appeal  This should be submitted within 15 working days of the decision appealed. Submissions must include a full explanation of the reason for appeal and an indication of the desired outcome if the appeal is upheld.
Grounds for appeal

a) there is reasonable ground supported by authoritative and objective evidence to believe that there has been administrative or procedural error of such a nature as to have affected the outcome of the investigation or result appealed;

b) the decision in the case was manifestly unreasonable (a decision is “manifestly unreasonable” if it can be demonstrated that an Officer of the University or a properly constituted University Panel or Board has made an irrational, perverse or logically flawed decision);

c) there is new evidence that for good reason, objectively and authoritatively documented, could not be submitted earlier.

Not grounds for appeal


  1. Disagreement with the marking tutor(s) on the grounds of academic judgement; specifically, disagreements on grade awarded; or
  2. Complaints against services provided by the University, including delivery of teaching, or a complaint about misconduct by a member of staff or another student. A student who wishes to make such a complaint must follow the complaints process; or
  3. Decisions of the Board of Governors or its Committees (including the Academic Board).
Stage 2 appeal

Should your appeal not be upheld at Stage One, you may be able to request a review of the decision if one of the following applies:

  1. There is new evidence that could not be provided earlier in the procedure (providing objective and authoritative evidence of why it could not be provided earlier); or
  2. There is evidence that the correct process was not followed at Stage One of the process; or
  3. The outcome at Stage One is not reasonable given the evidence.
This appeal should be submitted within 10 working days of notification of the decision at the Stage One.


Stage 1 appeals form

The online appeal submission form can be found hereAny related enquiries should be sent to [email protected].

Stage 2 appeals form

The online Stage Two appeal submission form can be found here. Any related enquiries should be sent to [email protected].

Students enrolled on UAL courses

Students enrolled on a UAL course should complete the Grade Appeal Form and send it to [email protected].

For general enquiries they should contact [email protected].

The main link to the awarding bodies appeals process is found here: UAL Awarding Body | UAL (