MA Design Management - Extended Masters

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Course overview

  • Starts: May 2024 / Sept 2024
  • Mode: Full time

Ideal for: professionals and graduates with an interest in innovation, entrepreneurship and management to engage in cutting-edge challenges within the area of business transformation. This is an extended version of the MA Design Management course aimed at international students.

A contemporary look at design leadership

This MA Design Management course offers a range of interdisciplinary perspectives from business, technology, social enterprises and new venture creation. It offers practical research and work-based projects in all areas shaping the creative economy and the fourth industrial revolution – including the role of creative interventions in technology-enabled business transformation, change management and design leadership.

Extended Masters

This course will provide international students with access to master’s courses at Ravensbourne. The course recognises that students need to increase their subject knowledge across business and management, as well as develop study skills and communication/English language skills to better equip them for master’s study. 

This course is comprised of five semesters. In the first two semesters, English language constitutes 35% of the course, and students successfully completing the first two semesters of the course are expected to be able to demonstrate English language skill at the CEFR B2 level (IELTS 6.5).

Upon successful completion of the first two semesters, students will move onto the core MSc Digital Marketing course modules.

Designed to support international students 

The course design, content and learning and teaching approach have all been designed to support international students on this journey. Students will receive support to support their transition to the UK and the master’s level study.

The course is student centred and an aim of the course is to ensure that international students gain experiences that help them to become well-rounded and independent learners.

This course will equip you with the learning skills and cultural awareness needed to progress confidently on to the master’s stage of the course.

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10 reasons to study this master's in design management course:

  1. Gain highly desirable skills in business design, modelling and organisational transformation
  2. Gain masters level skills in change management, leadership, evidence-based approaches to innovation and measuring impact
  3. Gain highly desirable skills in systems thinking
  4. Learn about bleeding-edge technologies that are shaping the next iteration of business transformation
  5. Develop your knowledge of sustainability, social innovation and corporate responsibility
  6. Gain business and entrepreneurial skills that will accelerate your career
  7. Experience a ‘real world’ research-led and practice-based approach to management education
  8. Learn about ‘holistic’ people-centred organisations and their success factors
  9. Improve your professional network through meeting people with similar interests and different skillsets
  10. Be part of a forward-thinking creative community bringing together design, technology, business and social transformation.

Ravensbourne has an established international reputation for innovation at the intersection of design and business development. Our portfolio of MSc, MBA and MA  programmes encourages an interplay between technology, design, creativity and wider social and economic issues.

The design management programme has been designed in a way that is highly relevant to the leadership and organisational challenges of the creative industries and the technology sectors. The course looks at the creative skills and competences needed to identify and anticipate business change and transform business models so that they are interactive, anticipatory and future focused.

The course invites postgraduate learners to be part of that journey, empowering them to draw on and learn from innovative design thinking and how this can be applied to the creation of new business models and business development.

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Key study topics

  • Emergence and discovery of opportunities
  • Organisation and growth of the venture
  • The psychological characteristics of the entrepreneur
  • System, strategies and structure to transform businesses, products and services
  • New cognitive technologies and how to redesign roles/projects to incorporate new technology solutions
  • Creative-skills identifying user needs, idea-generation, conceptualisation and leadership development
  • Market research and brand innovation
  • Work-based learning research project.

The specifics