Ravensbourne launches ‘I AM_________’ employability and entrepreneurship festival

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Promotional poster for the I AM event

Article by: David Millett

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Ravensbourne University London is proud to launch ‘I AM_________’, a unique employability and entrepreneurship festival designed to inspire final-year students following a year of unprecedented challenges in the final stages of their degrees.

The ‘I AM_________’ festival will run from Tuesday 20 to Friday 23 April and brings together inspirational speakers from all areas of the creative industry, spanning broadcasting, graphic design, fashion, publishing, branding and more.

Curated by our BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Design course, it is open to all Ravensbourne students, as well as students on creative courses from outside the university. Offer holders who are set to commence studying at Ravensbourne are also warmly invited.

Promotional poster for the I AM event

Students will receive advice from successful and influential members of the industry. Talks will explore topics including employability and entrepreneurship to help arm them with the knowledge they need to thrive in the working world post-graduation.

It comes towards the end of a tough academic year for students across the country. Covid restrictions imposed on university institutions have affected all students, but have been particularly disruptive for those on creative courses, who rely heavily on access to specialist facilities and equipment.

Events will take place throughout the week, with talks scheduled from 10.00am - 6.00pm over the four days. All talks will take place remotely over Zoom. The diverse line-up of speakers includes Susan Ayton, Creative Director of BBC Creative; Donna Payne, creative director at Faber Books; and Domenico Rome, art director of Off White, among many more.

It also features stunning promotional graphics and animations, which were made by our second-year Advertising and Brand Design students, Oscar Sandqvist, Bryony Jones, Jood Alasfoor, Marius Nordstrom, Molly Malhotra and Taohid Miah. Some of their work can be viewed on the course’s Instagram page.

List of speakers for the I AM event

Derek Yates, course leader for the Advertising and Brand Design course, said: “The pandemic has been tough for all students, particularly third years, but I think they will emerge into a time of change and opportunity. ‘I AM_________’ is designed to inspire them to shape their own path and carve out their own success.

“We asked our Year Two students to create the visual identity and promotional assets and they really rose to the challenge. What Oscar, Bryony, Marius, Molly, Taohid and Jood have created is better than agency-standard and demonstrates the amazing talent that we have within the course.”

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Full programme of speakers

Tuesday 20 April

11.00am – James Hilton, AKQA

1.00pm – Michelle Yeadon and Louis Persent, Weirdo

4.00pm – Kate Dawkins Studio

Wednesday 21 April

10.00am – Tony Pipes, ITV Creative

1.00pm – Donna Payne, Faber Books

2.00pm – Fahud Ahmed, Bulletproof

4.00pm – Nick Greenbank, Studio Moross

5.00pm – Domenico Romeo, Off White

Thursday 22 April

10.00am – Sarah Gerona, BBC Studios

1.00pm – Dines, Blup

4.00pm – Susan Ayton, BBC Creative

Friday 23 April

10.00am – Emilie Chen, Gloria Bertazzoni and Natalie Maher, Ladies Wine & Design

1.00pm – Rebecca Watson, Squint Opera

2.00pm – Kieron Lewis

4.00pm – Kieron Molloy, Conrad Design