Ravensbourne committed to building a sustainable future

Ravensbourne building

Article by: David Millett

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At Ravensbourne University London, we know how important sustainability is to our students, and we are putting it at the forefront of what we do.

Ravensbourne is working hard to ensure that we, as an institution, are committed to a greener future, from the way we run our building, to the projects our students work on.

We have embedded sustainable practices across our curriculum. Students work on live-project briefs with real clients, including our annual denim innovation project in Fashion and repurposing scrap materials in Product Design.

Half (49%) of our students – out of 87 polled – told us that integrating sustainability into their university projects was ‘very important’ to them, and an additional 30% said it was something they considered when designing projects.

The answers came as part of a series we did to assess our students' thoughts on sustainability, because we value their voices.

In 2022, we set a target date of 2030 to switch to a 100% renewable energy tariff – we ended up achieving this by the end of 2023.

The introduction of this renewable tariff will reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 428 tonnes, the equivalent to emissions produced by 90 UK households a year.

We believe that every step can add up to a big change. And we’re not alone in this – we asked our students whether they thought individuals could have the same impact as big companies when it comes to sustainability.

One in five (20%) out of 100 students asked said they strongly agreed, and a further 33% agreed.

Find out more about the work we have done and continue to do on our sustainability page. We will continue to strive forward and make positive changes towards a brighter future.