SEEDS students create and launch ‘Kaleidoscope’ magazine

Kaleidoscope magazine cover

Article by: David Millett

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We are excited to celebrate the launch of ‘Kaleidoscope’, an e-zine created by students on the Ravensbourne SEEDS programme that promotes rising talent among creatives.

SEEDS (the Self-Employment Entrepreneurship Diversity Scheme) is a six-month programme that provides tailored support on finding and pursuing a career path to neurodivergent students and those from diverse backgrounds.

Kaleidoscope magazine cover

Kaleidoscope’ was fully created, designed and written by SEEDS students. The result is an impressive 21-page e-zine that shows off their photography, illustrations, poetry and more.

The theme for the first issue of the magazine is ‘dystopia and utopia’, which explores how Covid-19 has impacted society and our views and expectations for the future.

SEEDS students are assigned an individual industry mentor who works in their aspiring field who helps them develop their business skills, identify market opportunities and establish their own businesses or freelance careers. They also receive life-coaching lessons, interactive workshops and career planning clinics to help cultivate their enterprise skills.

The Kaleidoscope team includes Charles Whitely as Editor-in-Chief, Poppy Louise Carter as Associate Editor, Cherie Lee as Art Director, Ay Delphine as Project Manager and Keisha Gaspar as Associate Art Director.

“It’s been a real experience creating this magazine, having learned skills, collaborated with artists and brought unique ideas to life,” they said in the magazine’s foreword.

“Kaleidoscope is a magazine aimed at promoting new creatives and rising talent. Its overall meaning is bringing completely new perspectives with each pattern of the kaleidoscope being a unique outlook.

“It’s a magazine to showcase artwork and creative writing, bringing awareness to individuals and to encourage audiences to become more innovative.”

You can read the first edition of the e-zine on our website.