Ravensbourne Degree Show goes virtual

Degree Show Imagery
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Join us to celebrate the class of 2020, with a digital graduate showcase that presents the latest talent from across our creative university. The Industry Private View will take place on Thursday 10 September and will be open to the public from Friday 11 September. The virtual Degree Show will also coincide with our Open Day on Saturday 12 September. 

With a focus on innovation, creativity and collaboration, Ravensbourne’s committed tutors specialise in providing the skills needed for students to pave the way to outstanding careers. Ravensbourne is one of the top-ranked specialist universities for graduate salaries in creative art and design. We have a strong industry focused curriculum which has led us to host more than 100 creative technology businesses through our Incubation unit. This includes award-winning production companies and digital agencies to internationally recognised fashion labels.

This year's identity represents our diverse community of students and their ability to transform themselves and their creativity. It was created by a group of our talented students developed by our in-house creative agency, CreativeLab. CreativeLab  is part of Ravensbourne’s new Institute for Creativity and Technology which is due to open in 2021.

The online degree show provides a platform for every graduating student to showcase their best work and celebrate the end of their time at Ravensbourne. This year’s digitally converted degree show captures the Ravensbourne mentality of putting students at the heart of everything we do. Our cohort of students is built on unique and diverse individuals who have shown that through the power of community and collaboration, we are able to curate an incredible exhibition in the midst of a pandemic. The exciting virtual experience highlighting students' best work, live projects and awards can be found in one online portal which will take the viewer on a journey through different visual collections.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it became clear that our annual physical degree show would have to adapt if we wanted to showcase the graduating classes work. CreativeLab developed a visual language and identity that represented the Ravensbourne Class of 2020. The site can be navigated in a number of different ways, through specific courses and tags, to viewing students side by side, and even picking from a random selection. Each detail of the digital showcase has been taken into consideration throughout the development process and has been established to further highlight the individuality of our creative cohort. Even the cursor which is used to navigate the online showcase portrays the transference of diverse energy on each page, sometimes smaller, sometimes larger, but always present for the viewer.

Pippa Alice Hogg, Head of Studio, CreativeLab explained, '“CreativeLab are honoured to have been able to bring the concept designed by students for a live show to life in a digital space. We wanted to create a platform where student work is celebrated and the identity can subtly guide you through a curated experience that feels like a live show. Like everything at Ravensbourne, this was a truly collaborative project and we are grateful to all those involved.”

Chloe Culpin, Commercial Projects Manager, commented,  “It’s been so rewarding seeing all of this fantastic work come together and for the first time showcased in a digital format. The courses and work of the students really shines in this collaborative setting. It has been a pleasure to work so closely with them on the curation of their work.”

It is an amazing feat that our volunteer students and CreativeLab were able to come together to create a digital degree show like no other, in a year that no one could have predicted. It is so important that our graduating students are able to showcase the hard work they have put in throughout their studies and be able to present themselves and their work to prospective employers. This show would not have been possible without the support of our talented and persistent students and staff members who played a vital role in making this show happen.