Rave About It! - Earth Day

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The Rave About It blog is written by second year BA (Hons) Digital Film Production student, Jenny Simpson. Jenny works one day a week as an intern within our Outreach team. This blog is a little insight into her views and experiences working with young people interested in the creative industries.*

*Source: The opinions in this blog represent those of the writer and not of Ravensbourne University London

Creatives for Earth Day and Activism!

On Friday 22nd of April, it’s Earth Day!

The day is an annual event celebrated around the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, it now includes events in more than 193 countries. We decided to spotlight Earth Day on our blog here at Ravensbourne - specifically to discuss its significance, to consider sustainability from a creative perspective through our week of activism, as well as to recognise and draw attention to some relevant creatives to follow.

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Why is Earth Day important to us as creatives?

For years, environmental information has been firmly within the zeitgeist of our society, but I believe it’s so important to keep it in the forefront of our minds as a creative institute. To be a creative can often mean to be a problem solver. Many of our creative practices can be incredibly useful and influential when applying them to universal environmental issues.

As well as having the power to creatively solve problems, we can also use our creative skills to rally and promote issues that are important to us, whether that be through a promotional film, a photography shoot or through a composed song.

What else are we doing at Ravensbourne to inspire activism?

Lots, actually!

Over the easter break, our Outreach team ran an exciting collection of workshops under the theme of activism for aspiring. With help and support from our staff and student ambassadors, we held:

  • Photography Workshop (Street photography workshop, taking environmental portraits)
  • Character Design Workshop (Creating characters to save the world!)
  • Sustainable Fashion Workshop (turning old clothes donated from students and staff into high end fashion silhouettes!)
  •  Feminist Zine Making Workshop (with Izzy from SickLoveZine!)
  • Graphic Design Workshop (Creating protest placards on issues important to us!)
  • Architecture Workshop (Creating 3D interventions, buildings & spaces that address a need to serve marginalized people!) 
  • 3 Day film making workshop with Accumulate, working to create short films that shared the lived experiences of people affected by homelessness. (keep your eyes peeled for the final edits very soon!)

See some of the outcomes..

The idea of both activism and sustainability is hugely important to us at Rave. Although it’s nice for our creatives to make something that’s beautiful to look at- we want to instill and invest the idea in both current and prospective students that their work can hold more power if there’s a message behind it to drive your creative processes!

Looking for some environmentally conscious creatives to follow?

@NOPLANETNOFUN: an illustration collective approaching the topic of climate change with positivity and a hint of irony.

@MARIAH_ESA_: a fashion designer attempting to change the fashion industry from the inside with her environmentally conscious designs.

@ADAPT____: a cause built around communicating social issues and building communities with climate at the forefront.

@PAJOTTEN: a sustainable UK clothing brand with strong links to Rave.

@THESUSTAINABILITYSHOW: an upcoming event being held in Islington this October for sustainable shopping and dining

@SAMBINSTEAD: a slow fashion photographer

These are just some suggestions- there are so many amazing, influential, environmentally conscious creatives to follow!

I hope we’ve helped you think about sustainability and activism within your own creative practice. Happy Earth Day!