Our graduates achieve 90% success rate for employment

Ravensbourne Graduation 2019
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Article by: Ravaé Richardson

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Ravensbourne students enjoy strong employability figures, with 90% of students in employment or further study following graduation. The results from the national Graduate Outcomes survey demonstrate that Ravensbourne students are highly employable and are immediately sought after.

The Graduate Outcomes survey uses data collated by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) to track student progression. Approximately 15 months after graduation, students complete the survey and disclose their employment, salary and overall wellbeing. The nationwide survey gives greater transparency across higher education, giving a clear indication of employability rates and the opportunities available post-graduation. The 2020 Graduate Outcomes survey gives the perspective of graduates from the 2017 - 2018 cohort.

Ravensbourne graduates have always enjoyed excellent employability rates, with the university recognised for its impressive, professional alumni. With strong industry links introduced from the very beginning, students graduate with the knowledge, professionalism and confidence of seasoned creatives. This impeccable standard is reflected in the survey, with 76% of Ravensbourne graduates in highly skilled jobs. This is the second highest figure compared to our similar specialist competitors.

Vice Chancellor, Andy Cook, commented on the survey results, “We’re thrilled to see that Ravensbourne graduates continue to establish such fantastic careers after university. It’s a testament to our exceptional standards that students can feel confident that they’ll progress onto their chosen paths after graduation. Whilst the creative industry is incredibly competitive, Ravensbourne graduates rise to the challenge and carve out strong careers time after time. I want to extend my thanks to all of our alumni who took part in the survey and wish them the very best for the future.”

Ravensbourne Graduation 2019

Key findings

  •  90% of the graduates that responded to the survey are in employment or are undertaking further studies.
  •  76% of graduates with a known employment status are in highly skilled jobs, the second highest figure compared to our specialist competitors. 
  •  73% of graduates are in jobs that are relevant to the course they undertook at Ravensbourne. 
  • 63% of our graduates are in full-time employment, surpassing all of our specialist competitors. 

Top 5 Ravensbourne graduate occupations

  • Associate professional and technical occupations
  • Professional occupations
  • Managers, directors and senior officials
  • Sales and customer service occupations
  • Other