Alumni use Ravensbourne studios to mix movie soundtrack

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Article by: David Millett

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Two recent Ravensbourne BA (Hons) Music and Sound Design graduates have mixed the sound for a feature film using cutting-edge professional postproduction equipment at Ravensbourne’s sound studios.

Cam Evans and Riccardo Rigacci graduated in 2022 and have since launched successful careers in media and film sound, working on a number of professional productions.

They were recently Sound Editors for a feature film called ‘Orchid’, directed by Jacque Rabie, where they were in charge of mixing and adding sound effects for the entire film.

Mixing the film for cinemas required them to mix in 5.1 surround sound, which requires specialist studio equipment. They approached Christos Manolas, their old lecturer and course leader of BA (Hons) Music and Sound Design, for help on accessing the tools they needed to carry out this task.

It is an example of how we continue to support students and help develop their careers even after graduation. As our students enter the working world, they become our colleagues, strengthening our strong ties and collaboration with industry.

Cam quote

Cam told the Ravensbourne news team: “Christos kindly offered us the opportunity to use the Ravensbourne mixing facilities, an Avid S6 desk, 5.1 surround setup.

“Rather than forking out a ridiculous amount of money per hour for a mixing studio in Soho, having the Ravensbourne facilities gave me and Riccardo the comfortability to experiment and really process what we were doing, rather than rushing against the clock.

“Having access to the studio made the whole project feasible and was a nice opportunity to come back to the university and chat with some current students and staff.”

Riccardo added: “We collaborated with Enrico Roselli, an Italy-based foley artist, who did the foley for the film.”

In filmmaking, foley refers to the reproduction of everyday sounds, which are added into films during postproduction to improve the audio experience.

He added: “I started working for him once I left Ravensbourne after graduation – that’s how I was able to pitch the film to him. He provided us with some recorded material that really reshaped the movie in my opinion.

“Overall, it’s been an amazing experience being back at Ravensbourne and I really need to thank Christos again for being so helpful.”

In other exciting projects, Cam and Riccardo have had their work featured on the Disney+ show Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire, as well as in documentaries, advertisements, and more.

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