Lauren Middleton

Lauren Middleton


Since graduating from Ravensbourne, Lauren has worked with Universal Production Music and is now Audio Lead for a mobile games developer.

In her role she works within the quality assurance (QA) department and has had the opportunity to work as audio lead on a number of projects. Licensing, editing and the occasional composition are all a part of her day-to-day.

While looking for courses at other university’s, Lauren couldn’t find one that encompassed everything she wanted to learn all in one place. It was the sheer variety of Ravensbourne's Music and Sound course, which covered modules on film music, licencing and video games music, which appealed to her.

The highlight of Lauren’s time at Ravensbourne was the opportunity to collaborate with students from different disciplines. She worked on a panel quiz show with broadcast students and produced music for a Fashion Promotion project which centred around social awareness and ethical practices.

Since graduating, she has met many other Ravensbourne graduates working in her field. Having a degree from Ravensbourne has boosted her CV and LinkedIn profile and has impressed prospective employers.

Lauren’s advice to other students is to take advantage of every opportunity at university. Commenting on this she said, ‘The resources at Rave are amazing and the opportunities for collaborating and working on some serious CV building stuff are everywhere, even outside of your own course.’

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Mobile Games Developer