Jessica Siu Animation alumni

Jessica Siu


Since moving from Hong Kong to study a foundation course at Ravensbourne, Jess’ confidence has sky rocketed. She has since launched her own animation studio, Giri Guru, and has worked as a runner and later a 3D Junior Designer at post production company, Smoke and Mirrors.

From a very young age, Jess knew that she wanted to work in the creative field. In finding a university, Jess was looking for a place that could provide her with the skills and knowledge she needed to create unique pieces of work.

At school she had studied fine art, which was the only related option available to her. Coming to Ravensbourne from Hong Kong opened up many fresh opportunities for study. Fashion, photography and animation courses were not available to her at home, so completing a foundation year at Ravensbourne allowed her to discover her passion for animation.

After completing her foundation year, Jess completed her degree in Animation. Her class was full of people from all walks of life who pushed her to make the best of her abilities. They pooled their skills and were a source of encouragement for one another.

One highlight of Jess' time at Ravensbourne was the opportunity to engage in many guest talks from industry professionals. Meeting these individuals alongside one-on-one time with her tutors helped Jess to critique her work. She learnt to understand the need to develop business skills to network and secure work.

BA (Hons) Animation
Year of Graduation: 2016