Dev Joshi Motion Graphics alumni

Dev Joshi


Dev was already planning his big move into industry before he had graduated. His time researching his favourite companies and building up a portfolio of work paid off when he completed a three-week internship in Dubai. He later secured a full-time position at his dream studio, Animade.

Dev wasn’t even sure he wanted to go to university, but when he learnt that Ravensbourne’s foundation course offered a mixture of graphic design, fashion, 3d design, photography and animation, he was impressed . It was the diversity of the course that appealed to him because it gave him the freedom to learn about many creative pathways and careers.

With the ability to trial so many disciplines, he soon realised that his passion was in motion graphics. From there he studied on the Motion Graphics degree course at Ravensbourne.

The highlight of Dev's time at Ravensbourne was learning from the expert lecturers and collaborating with fellow students. Commenting on this he said, 'it's such a great feeling to be surrounded by people who care about the field of work and are so supportive of each other, lifelong friends and contacts have been made for sure'.

Another highlight of his time was the creation of a film for his final major project. He said that this was, ‘in a sense a love letter about the journey I’d experienced to become a motion designer whilst at Ravensbourne’.

The topics Dev learnt on his course were broad enough to develop the direction of his own work and his unique identity. He was taught industry standard software and so straight out of university he was proficient using the likes of After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator and could apply these skills to a variety of jobs.

BA (Hons) Motion Graphics
Year of graduation: 2017