Become a Ravensbourne blogger

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Would you like to write a blog for us? Here’s how it works...

All blog submissions need to be your own ideas–we can’t publish anything that has appeared anywhere else. Referencing different articles however is fine, just make sure you include a link to where it came from.

We will try to work with you to make sure your blog looks as good as it can and gets seen by as many people as possible. We will do this by sharing it across our social media pages and we can also include a link in the blog back to any of your personal websites or LinkedIn profiles.

How to begin?

Our blog is our online magazine and is a place to share ideas, discuss a relevant topic, or let us know of any interesting projects you have been involved in. Topics must be relevant for those reading the blog, and so themes around academic issues, student and staff health and wellbeing and lifestyle are likely to interest our audiences.

Once you choose what you would like to talk about, start with sending us a couple of sentences about your idea.

You can also attach any word docs, PDFs and accompanying images here too. To make the blog as engaging as possible, we ask that you try to add at least one image here. When it comes to choosing an image, try to find something that is as relevant to the post as possible.

While we will try our very best to make sure that all submissions are included on our website, each post will need to meet our criteria to appeal to our audiences, and for this reason we cannot guarantee that every submission will be included.

Before you submit anything, please read our submission guidelines first:

  1. The author’s name and affiliation(s) should be clearly indicated
  2. Submissions should be the original work of the contributor
  3. Submissions should not contain content that could be considered offensive, abusive, derogatory or potentially defamatory
  4. Please include a supporting image where possible
  5. Word count should be around 700-1500 words