Graphic design graduates partner with Samsung and EE

K&B Design TikTok campaign with Samsung and EE

Article by: Gaynor Orvis

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Kirsty Langston and Brittany Abbott-Trangmar are BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduates, and the power-duo behind K&B Design. Since graduating, they have been painting their way across London. It’s more than likely you’ve unknowingly admired some of their artwork before!  

Two women stand in front of colourful mural wall

Back in July they painted a mural on top of the Ravensbourne roof. The bold mural represents our creative courses and is a colourful expression of everything Ravensbourne stands for. The pair have gone from strength-to-strength and to kick off 2022 in style, they have just partnered with Samsung and EE on a massive creative TikTok campaign. We caught up with them to discuss the campaign and what the future holds for K&B Design. 


So firstly, how did the partnership come about with Samsung and EE? 

Kirsty: We got the opportunity through our agent, so the contacts at Samsung and EE were able to get in touch with us that way. I know they were looking for two female artists, so lucky for us we fit the bill perfectly. 

Can you tell me a little bit about how it was filmed? Was it all shot in one day? 

Brittany: We had two full days of filming. There was a time-lapse camera set up for the whole duration and then we were pulled out during that time to capture different creative shots too.  

For example, if they wanted to get some specific shots with the spray cans, then that was filmed separately.  

We also had two other artists that were helping us to paint and get the piece finished in time. 

Were you happy with the final result? 

Kirsty: Yeah, we were. We were a little bit concerned at first because it was such a big space to paint, and a much bigger surface area than we were used to covering – it was massive, like 20 metres long. In the end we were really pleased with the results though. 

Where was the filming location? 

Brittany: It was on Hanbury Street, so just off Brick Lane. 

What was the idea behind the videos? 

Kirsty: So, the director had developed a storyboard which took inspiration from other similar artists and work that we had already done.  

Central to the idea was that it was meant to look homemade – as is the style with TikTok videos.  

TikTok is all about incorporating cool transitions and interesting camera shots into the videos, so this was all added to the mix when we were filming. We were using 360-cameras to get some really cool effects. 

The director wanted it to look as if our friend had filmed it for us, so really light-hearted and personal - but obviously all the while looking clean and professional. 

What has the reaction been like from your community? 

Brittany: Well, we had to keep it fairly quiet, so we deliberately didn’t tell many people at all. Then when everyone woke up and saw it on TikTok it was really exciting. 

We got so many messages straight away from people being like “oh my god, I’ve just seen the videos”. We’ve had some really great feedback, which has been really encouraging. 

Is this the sort of work that you’d both like to do more of in the future - working with big brands? 

Kirsty: Yes absolutely, it has definitely opened our eyes to the opportunities within the advertising space.  

It was really insightful to be part of such a large-scale project like that – we definitely learnt loads too. 

It was so different from the stuff that we’ve done before, like painting a mural which stays there a long time. This was painted over almost as soon as we had finished filming, as you book out the wall for a certain period of time. 

Finally, do you guys have anything exciting in the pipeline that you would like to share with us? 

Brittany: So weirdly, we are scheduled to paint the same wall, but this time for Tone and Sculpt, a fitness app. It ties in with International Women’s Day, so it is all about women being strong and powerful.  

We also have some work in the pipeline with Hilton, on Edgeware Road, so this is going to be really exciting too. 

We are starting to consistently see some of the bigger companies get in touch with us, which is incredible. Obviously when we started off, we were mainly getting work from independents, so it's amazing to see how things are progressing. 

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