Alumni interview: Grad glow-up with Ophelia Liu and Jasmine MacPhee

Former Ravensbourne students Ophelia Liu and Jasmine MacPhee
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Award-winning make-up artist Ophelia Liu and CEO Jasmine MacPhee join forces for a one-of-a-kind interview. Both are Ravensbourne fashion alumni and have enjoyed incredible success in their chosen fields. Here, Jasmine interviews Ophelia and poses questions from our community. Watch the video interview and learn what it takes to be a globally-renowned creative.


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Glow Up's Ophelia Liu 

Ophelia Liu, Ravensbourne alumni

Ophelia Liu graduated from Ravensbourne in 2017 with a degree in Fashion Apparel Design and was crowned the winner of BBC Three’s 2020 show Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star. She won a prestigious contract to assist leading figures in the make-up industry. 

Ophelia previously worked on London Fashion Week two years in a row and won VF Corporation's Future Of Denim competition in collaboration with Ravensbourne. Since winning Glow Up, Ophelia Liu has taken to Instagram to showcase her art with over half a million followers eagerly anticipating her next make-up masterpiece.

Ophelia answers questions on the future of the make-up world, her signature creative style and what aspiring creatives can look forward to beyond graduation.  

Find your Intern's Jasmine MacPhee

Image of Jasmine MacPhee

Ophelia is interviewed by independent freelance graphic designer Jasmine MacPhee, who is the Founder and CEO of Find Your Intern (FYI). A fellow Ravensbourne Fashion Promotion alumna, Jasmine created her company as her final major project whilst studying at Ravensbourne.

The FYI platform exclusively advertises paid-only internships and has evolved into a flourishing membership community. Jasmine started her career interning for Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as freelancing at Marie Claire Runway, UGG and M&S.