Visas and International Information for Graduation

Graduates emerge at the graduation ceremony

Visa for Graduands

Depending on the expiry date of your Tier 4/Student visa and the date of graduation, you may need to apply for a standard visitor visa from outside of the UK. Check if you need to apply for a visitor’s visa to come to the UK and see the list of documents needed when applying for a standard visitor visa to the UK.

We will only issue a letter of invitation to support your visa application if you have completed your degree and have booked to attend the graduation ceremony. To request a letter of invitation, please contact us.

Visa for Guests

If your guests need to apply for a visitor’s visa to come to the UK to attend the Graduation Ceremony, they might need you to write them a letter of invitation. If guests require a letter to come on a visitor visa, please email [email protected] with your details.

Unable to attend?

If you unable to attend your graduation ceremony but would still like be a part eventualities, our graduation ceremonies will be live-streamed via our website.