World's End (1981)

Concept and creative process

'World's End' was a drama series based around a fictitious pub in the World's End area of Chelsea. The brief for the titles was to set the scene of the locality and to establish the idea of the pub, 'The Mulberry', through bar props and a specially engraved tankard. I shot live action location scenes which I linked together optically in postproduction with studio shots of a pint of beer overflowing from a glass tankard on a bar, set with specially designed and printed props. The glass tankard had been specially engraved with the name of the fictitious pub, 'The Mulberry', on one side and the series title 'World's End' and a Mulberry Logo on the reverse. When the foaming pint was set down on the pub counter this became the main title shot and background for the writer's credit. The accompanying title song was performed by Alan Price.

Designer/Director - Michael Graham-Smith.

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