Wideworld (1987)

Concept and creative process

‘Wideworld’ was a monthly programme of travel, exploration and adventure – worldwide. Too big a subject matter to be specific in terms of imagery, Alan Jeapes found yet another way to explore his predilection for having multiple images on the screen at any one time. It was a technique that had become a signature feature of his work and in ‘Worldwide’ the computer gave him the technology to do it with consummate ease. However, he never used the technique as an effect for its own sake, but always as a means of addressing a particular aspect of a brief and of finding and expressing the most appropriate visual solution.
In a computer-generated sequence 108 globes, each spinning independently at a constant speed and each presenting a slightly different aspect of the world to the viewer, animate on to gradually fill the screen. The top three rows turn to gold before zooming back to create the programme title and presenter’s credit on top of the remaining spinning worlds. A classically simple solution to a generic title sequence, created at Cell Animation and the BBC Computer Graphics Workshop.

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