Westminster At Work In Colour (1964)

Concept and creative process

The 1964 monochrome version of the titles for ‘Westminster At Work’ was followed later the same year by the need to produce a colour version with the impending introduction of colour on BBC2 in mind. Instead of colourising the monochrome version, Alan Jeapes elected to make an entirely new sequence in much the same vein as his original, using a slightly modified sound design. The biggest change was in his use of the stills, which were different to those shot for the monochrome version. He concentrated on even more graphic close-ups of the clock mechanism’s wheels, cogs and ratchets, but also choreographed them to the sound by rotating the letterbox shape that contained them clockwise in twelve steps, changing the still with each stage of the move. An further object lesson by Alan Jeapes of how to create more from less.

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