Wallace and Gromit Christmas - mince pies ident (1995)

Concept and creative process

The 1995 Christmas campaign on BBC2 was a wonderful collaboration with Nick Park at Aardman Animation. A series of comical scenarios were designed highlighting a mischievous '2' character - the irritating little relative that has come to stay for Christmas. Great care was taken to make sure that the characters of Wallace and Gromit were retained and that there were plenty of opportunities for Gromit to raise a disapproving eyebrow. Models of the '2' were created in plasticine and manipulated in exactly the same stop frame animation method as all Aardman animations of the time. Sets were built in keeping with the existing Wallace and Gromit house style. The animation was done over many weeks due to the slow and intricate model making, manipulation and animation.

Designers/Directors - Jane Wyatt (now Wyatt-Brooks) and Iain Greenway.

Winners of the BAFTA Craft Award for Graphic Design 1996.

Wallace and Gromit Christmas idents storyboard and promo materials