A Very Peculiar Practice (1988)

Concept and creative process

'A Very Peculiar Practice' was a much acclaimed black comedy drama series set in the medical practice of a UK university, staffed by a a group of oddball doctors, serving students and academic staff alike. It was set against a background of government cutbacks in education and the requirement for universities to be more commercially minded in their quest for funding. Academic politics and the student needs for healthcare also gave rise to humorous opportunities. The titles depicted a crowd of people populating a bleak landscape with the sun, in the shape of a heart, rising beyond a distant campus, offering false hope. The artwork and animation was shot single frame on 35mm filmed on a rostrum camera. The typography and effects were all created in camera.

Animator - Jerry Hibbert.

Music - David Greenslade.

Singer - Elkie Brooks.

Designer/Director - Bob Cosford.

A Very Peculiar Practice drawn storyboard