Top Secret (1983)

Concept and creative process

Titles for the gameshow where everyone was let into the secret. Barry Took and his team of special agents Liza Goddard, Chris Kelly, Jan Leeming and Alfred Marks met the people with the secrets and tried to persuade them to tell their stories. This was at the very beginnings of 3D animation in the UK and in the early 1980s all of the designers in the BBC Graphic Design Department were sent on a course at Middlesex Polytechnic run by Professor John Vince, who was doing research into building and animating objects which could then be printed onto paper or cel using a plotter. This 3D cube animation was the result, plotted by a Rotring pen as black lines onto acetate from which the artwork required to create the sequence could then subsequently be made photographically or by hand painting on cels as in traditional animation. The technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the intervening years.

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