Sunday Premiere (1986)

Concept and creative process

‘Sunday Premiere’ was a strand that showed feature films that were given their first outing on terrestrial television. The titles therefore had to be non-specific and generic to accommodate any film that might follow. A typographic solution formed the basis of the titles. The word ‘Sunday’ was formed out of a strip of apparently Panasonic film. In reality, this was a specially commissioned model made out of Perspex in such a way that each ‘frame’ of the model could hold a single frame of enlarged 35 mm film. The model was shot on the motion control rig at Cel Animation studios in London. The camera was pre-programmed to make the move and then filmed as a stop-frame animation. As each frame was filmed, the enlarged 35mm film of fireworks was moved one place along the model, so that the end result appeared to be live action film forming the lettering. Post-production was also completed at Cel Animation.

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