Star Turn (1976)

Concept and creative process

‘Star Turn’ was a celebrity team game which involved competing in a series of unrehearsed acting games. The budget for the title sequence was very small so it was essential to come up with an idea that could be produced simply in-camera. The animation of the namestyle and star artwork was produced by placing a white-on-black reversed-out print of each on either side of a motorised caption flip machine. Being white-on-black, the background disappeared giving the appearance of the star and logo animating. The second part of the sequence was created using one piece of artwork on a clear cel panning over a held background of stars fading on sequentially. This was then wiped off using a black matte run to reveal the star curtain which was then animated by a series of pegged cels of Letraset star artwork, combined with a camera move in on the black area in the centre.

Artwork and Design - Liz Friedman.

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