Points of View (1994)

Concept and creative process

‘Points of View’ was the popular show that since its inception in 1961 had allowed many thousands of viewers time to air their views about BBC programmes. The show has continued almost uninterrupted to this day, apart from a period in the 1970s when there was a 7 year gap. It was revived under Barry Took in 1979 and he held sway with his own particular brand of humour until 1986. Anne Robinson and Terry Wogan did their time on the show subsequently. These particular titles came from the Anne Robinson era in 1994. Mark Chaudoir’s vision for the opener was of a colourful higgledy-piggledy landscape made up of letter shapes and populated by anthropomorphised letters. These nail-like characters clambered and climbed up and over the landscape to form up in a line, spelling out the word ‘POINTS’. At that moment stop frame model animation gave way to conventional animation. The camera moved to a top shot of an O-like structure in the landscape and the rest of the words of the show’s title animated on in an elegant script typeface, swirling up from the centre of the structure, which in turn became the O of ‘of’ in ‘Points of View’. The titles were beautifully choreographed and animated by 3 Peach Animation.