The Pallisers (1976)

Concept and creative process

Opening titles for a drama adaptation of the novels by Anthony Trollope about high life and low politics in Victorian England. The titles for the 26-part drama serial about the Palliser family were set against a background of town and country pursuits in Victorian England. A montage based on the style of a Victorian scrap screen was researched, designed and made by designer Michael Graham-Smith to portray the setting for the drama. Drawn and painted portraits of the lead actors in character and one of Anthony Trollope, the author of the original book, were cut out and included in the background design. The montage was filmed on 35mm on a rostrum camera with painted cell overlays of the main title and credit captions, in order to capture the whole sequence in-camera. The typeface used was designed as a unique font for the series and was set as photographic prints and cut and pasted to make the captions for the credits and end-credits.

The Pallisers title artwork