Now & Then (1987)

Concept and creative process

Titles from a series of history programmes for young people, looking at what various parts of life are like now and what they were like then. ‘Now and Then’ was a programme for BBC schools which featured a changing world. The computer revolution that was taking place was to change our way of life forever. This series dwelt on these changes. The title sequence sought to show this change by contrasting an old stonemason carving lettering out of stone intercut with a young girl creating lettering on a computer. A suitably photogenic stonemason was found and filmed plying his craft. The young girl was filmed operating ‘Flair’, the BBC’s innovative, digital paintbox. Although primitive by today’s standards, this influential machine, developed at the BBC’s Research Department at Kingswood Warren, heralded in a new era of computer-generated imagery.

Graphic Design and Concept - Graham McCallum.

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