The Nation's Favourite Song Lyric (1999)

Concept and creative process

This was the second year that this programme was broadcast and I was asked to create a new title sequence. It was the first title sequence I created for the BBC. The title sequence didn’t need to link to the previous titles, so I had a blank slate to work with. My idea was based on notes and scribbles, where the beginnings of ideas are born eg writing seeds of ideas down on old beer mats, backs of tickets, old scraps of paper etc. I shot a selection of moving paper, tickets etc, under the rostrum camera and graded them in Quantel Hal. I grabbed scribbles under the camera and animated them ‘scribbling on’ on the Hal, and layered this with computer generated typography (created in Adobe Illustrator using a handwritten font). The idea was for the ideas and notes to build up and fill the screen, before clearing away to reveal the title. The title/logo artwork was generated in Adobe Illustrator with the same handwriting font. All animated and composited by me on Quantel Hal. I used a guide audio to time the animation.

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