Moral Maze (1994)

Concept and creative process

Titles for the series ‘Moral Maze’, in which a panel of interrogators, chaired by Michael Buerk, cross-examined witnesses on a topical dilemma. For the titles, designer Andy Frith conceived the idea of a complex model marble run as a visual metaphor for the ‘Moral Maze’. It was an intricate structure of runs and spirals, formed by welded metal rods between sheet metal partitions. A large glass marble travelled through the runs, reflecting the environment as it did so. In order to activate the programme title, which was part of the structure, the ball had to leap into the unknown through the turnstile on which the title was arranged. With one half of the logo on one side of the spinning gate and the other half on the reverse, the fast rotation caused by the marble striking the turnstile created the title in motion through the phenomenon of the persistence of vision, know from 19th century optical toys such as the thaumatrope. 

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