The Money Programme - trail (2000)

Concept and creative process

A diagrammatic 2D and 3D animation visualised the voice-over script for this trail for the ‘Money Programme’ using natural growth, care and harvesting as an analogy for the management of money. Mark Shirra recollects: “The brief was to create a fun promo suggesting constant activity and growth. The trail was initially designed by Paula Williams on Paintbox - I think the money tree idea and script was from the Producer. Paula gave me a couple of really elegantly designed style frames in Paintbox. I then proceeded to translate her design into Illustrator and Photoshop and animated everything in After Effects, with a little Infini-D flowerpot thrown in for fun, trying to make all the elements true to the spirit of Paula’s art direction style frames. This tasty graphic sandwich only just emerged from under the pixel grill on time, as I completely miscalculated how long it would take to render!  I think I remember Paula describing it as a bit of a white knuckle ride working with me, but she was typically good humoured about it! Note to self: hit the render button a little earlier next time!”